RD Station AB Test

Done in: 2017 / Company: RD Station / Task: New feature development

What the company needed

After 6 years and more than 10,000 customers, the company needed to match some competitive differentiators from the competition in order to reduce sales friction and offer things that other products had been hitting in the communication.

It was an important part of the strategy to offer customers a way to optimize their method of converting into digital marketing (CRO). More than 2 years had passed since the company promised the resource, but the idea had not yet been put on paper.

What the users needed

As a design leader, I was practically the voice of the customer within the company. And there were many voices, many customers who asked for the feature and were struggling to optimize their conversions.

The great challenge of product design was precisely to understand how to develop a method that would create an efficient way for customers to be able to create their tests, analyze and learn everything within the platform. And because it is a complex product, we needed to understand very well how it works and how the existing limiters could impact the experience.