RD Station Marketing Light

Done in: 2018 / RD Station Light / Task: Slice the product to the new version

What the company needed

As the SaaS market evolved, our core product needed to reinvent itself. After several studies, the conclusion was reached that it made sense to develop a new version of the product entry: simpler, with high perceived value, for customers with low digital maturity. The strategy was to have an entry product capable of educating our customers while they are not yet ready and so the company will increase its market share. RD Station already had 70% of the marketing automation market in Brazil.

What the users needed

My main role in the product team that would run this initiative was to lead Product Design and user surveys to understand the main pains of those who are starting out in digital marketing.

Many customers did not even have a website and sold directly using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other means. They were the main forms of contact but the big pain was still generating qualified leads and easily – and if possible very cheaply or almost for free. In these companies it is a matter of survival.