Secad App

Done in: 2015 / Customer: Artmed Panamericana / Task: Product Management & Development

What the client needed

The Secad client needed to develop a new application for its App that could be integrated with a new portal that we were developing. There was a large dependence on an external product, which could not be ticketed because it was a third party.

The idea was to resolve the technical dependence on a third party product and generate a new economic channel for the company.

My part of the project

My main challenge as a manager in this project was to understand the needs of customers who consumed the content of the application, in addition to generating a good reading experience.

All content would be accessed from a related data structure that released the account to the extent that there was a teaching release. Instead of using an eBook to run the application, as it was in the current application, we would make available not only the content of the book but also tools such as calculators and package inserts.