Secad Ecommerce

Done in: 2015 / Customer: Artmed Panamericana / Task: Project Management and Design

What the company needed

Secad is a leader platform in education and distance learning for higher education professionals. The company needed to restructure its sales process because it still used only a simple Landing Page to sell its products to the whole of Brazil.

It needed flexibility and integration with its payment systems to be able to scale the product from Brazil to other countries, considering the entry of the product and a new operation in Mexico.

My part of the project

I worked as a supplier of services for the development of new payment methods and product management. It was necessary to understand the customers’ needs, the purchase profile, and the main frictions they faced with the current process.

It was necessary to deeply understand the company’s business, in which customers were impacted by the marketing operation and which were the technical limitations that the technology team faced and with which we would deal.