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We know how difficult it is to stand out in the market and be able to show and prove your value. And that this is often a lonely journey.

But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. I set up this mentoring program thinking precisely about how to help people take the next step in their careers and achieve extraordinary results.

This is certainly the investment with the highest ROI you have ever made in your career, proven by people who have already achieved incredible results.

How it works

  • Three Online and Live Meetings: The investment includes three sessions, each lasting one hour, conducted online and live.

  • Preparation for Each Session: To maximize the value of each meeting, participants are encouraged to prepare by raising specific topics and questions.

  • Practical Actionables: After each meeting, you will leave with at least one practical, actionable step that you can directly apply to your challenges.

Topics to be covered

  • Preparation for New Career Opportunities: Receive guidance and support for job interviews, helping you to present yourself confidently and effectively.

  • Portfolio Construction and Feedback: Get assistance with building and refining your portfolio, including its structure and content, to showcase your skills and projects.

  • Solutions for Specific Challenges in Your Current Job: Address and overcome particular obstacles you face in your current role with tailored solutions.

  • Strategies to Achieve Better Positions in Prominent Global Companies: Learn strategic approaches to secure higher-level positions in leading companies worldwide.

  • Guidance for Career Transition: Obtain expert advice on navigating a career change within your field, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.


  • Flexible and Personalized Format: Mentoring adapts to individual needs, working based on feedback from participants.

  • Opportunity Guidance: Mentoring provides tools and insights to launch into new opportunities with confidence, avoiding common pitfalls.

  • Professional Growth: Essential for advancing to a new phase in your career, with significant improvements in satisfaction and growth prospects.

  • Expanded View of the Market: Josias shares valuable experiences and information that help you better understand the market and identify new opportunities.

The higher ROI of your investment

This mentoring is a serious and transformative investment in your career. Places are limited due to high demand, so I recommend ensuring your participation as soon as possible.


I have a high demand for the mentoring program. Places are very limited.

What I offer

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