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increase in average ticket price

RD Station


conversion rate


1st CX project

for Avon Brazil

What I do

Provide a solid view on the product design process, developing or evolving the product design culture within the teams.

Creating solutions from discovery, evolution, launch, and post-launch.

Development and implementation of a Design System for products or evolving of the existing Design System.

What I offer

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author of the book

Product Design: A Product-Led perspective about digital product design [EN][PT-BR]

The first book about Product Design with focus on the Product-Led Growth method, written from a practical experience standpoint on product in now billion-dollar companies.

Podcast host

Desenhando Produtos [PT-BR]

A podcast about people, products, design, leadership, career, life quality, diversity and much more.

Online course tutor

Product Design 2.0 [PT-BR]

First course about Product Design focused on Product-Led Growth in Brazil, the ultimate strategy for developing products with intuitive experiences.

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User onboarding principles and best practices

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