Product Designer

Hi! I’m Josias, a product designer and team leader.  I specialize in digital business, user interfaces as well as user research, design systems, usability tests and new products.

Recent Projects

As Senior UX designer I worked as a team leader with others designers, product engineers, and product managers to create a friendly and intuitive user experience architecture.


Experience in implementing lean and effective solutions for marketing communication and improvements for digital products.

Hands-on attitude, with the ability to build teams from scratch and combine quick gains while generating mid/long-term impact with few resources, enhancing ROI.


Solid background of user-centered design principles, careful attention to detail, ability to understand multiple product requirements;


Practice application in design tools (Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, and many others) applied to design system;

Usability Tests

Experience in execution of many usability tests for new features and new products, from desktop applications to mobile apps.


Out-teach attitude to share knowledge with the team and other partners. Active participation at worldwide design community.

About me

Professionally committed to the outcomes of project development. An entrepreneur by nature, responsible and with a fantastic analytic vision.

MBA in Digital Business (lattu sensu) and graduated (bachelor degree) in Visual Design with Emphasis in Marketing. More than 20 years creating interfaces, HTML coding, users researches and much more.

Get in touch

I’ll be very happy to talk to you.

+55 48 988621660

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