People over process, a talk by Cameron Moll

A talk by Cameron Moll, Head of Product Design at Facebook for Awwwards Conference San Francisco, may 2018. One of the most impressive and memorable presentations at this conference.

The main aspects of what Cameron said how to build great teams and products.

As a design leader, what you need to know and do.

Unity over uniformity: users used to dislike unfamiliar experiences they always expect to do something naturally. The degree to which user successfully navigate new, unfamiliar experiences based on knowledge acquired in previous experiences.

Chemistry over culture: we need to be the voice and talk about this. Group of similarities. Leverage can be given culture. Think of the workplace. Think about your approach to your projects.

People over process (6 six ways that we can put)

1. Listening before leading

As creator professionals, you are leaders. Listening is the great enabler of the leadership. Faster answer the right question, given proper feedback. Design fundamentally is about solving problems and the leadership is about the same thing. Emphasise. Is impossible to solve a problem before defining them.

2. Don’t be a jerk to work co

A teammate said — I want to be in the team that is the nicest work within at the entire company. Doesn’t mean that people be around you. Just be nice, be great.

3. Don’t let the minutia get lost in the essential

What is the importance that is lost in the minutia. Prioritise the essential in your work. Put people first. And let the minutia fall away.

4. Have strong opinions but hold on in the slushily

You willing to have, your mind changes by your pairs. Be willing to compromise. Be willing to experiment. And the willingness to align your culture more close to the become more like chemistry.

5. Ship imperfect products, perfection never ships

I only know one way to successfully ship products. And that is — Ship imperfect products. Get stuck in this endless loop of “I will just fix this one more thing and I will be done with it”. And do be never done with it. I run this so many times. Great designers are in that constant task between shipping and quality. People that use those products. People above the process of trying to get. When you ship imperfect products, you allow yourself to place people above process. The people that will use those products Done is better than perfect. Ship imperfection.

6. People above culture

If you are the moderator, and any and people will (If people dominate). Identify people that don’t have a voice in that room. Ask if have something to share. Fill the people have a place in your team.

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