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User onboarding principles and best practices

Why User Onboarding is so important for customer retention It’s almost impossible to move ahead without clear onboarding, which helps the user understand how the product works. So, to grow sustainably and scalability. The fact is that after day one, your product retention will fall absurdly if nothing is done. A product that does not […]

People over process, a talk by Cameron Moll

A talk by Cameron Moll, Head of Product Design at Facebook for Awwwards Conference San Francisco, may 2018. One of the most impressive and memorable presentations at this conference. The main aspects of what Cameron said how to build great teams and products. As a design leader, what you need to know and do. Unity […]

Microcopy: The Importance of Writing Messages to UX Strategy

For many years, especially in the 2000s, the trend was for clean interfaces. Interfaces using “good design” concepts were believed to be constructed using very small fonts, many shadows, and some 3D effects. In other cases, some established concepts minimized the importance of copywriting in the interfaces. I have also heard that it was not necessary […]